Member Rules and Regulations

The following are rules and regulations that every subscriber of Kingdom Affiliates Record Pool is expected to follow.


Subscribers are strictly prohibited from selling and distributing music obtained from Kingdom Affiliates Record Pool to anyone outside of the record pool unless they have obtained written consent from one of the Kingdom Affiliates staff, and written consent from the artist (or whatever entity holds the copyrights to that recording). Subscribers are not allowed to provide their login information to anyone other than the individuals directly associated with the entity listed on the registration form. Instrumentals and acapellas are strictly prohibited from being leaked or provided to anyone outside of the record pool. Often these types of tracks are the result of extra effort on either the part of Kingdom Affiliates Record Pool or the artist or label, and provided to you as part of our service. Subscribers are also prohibited from selling "mixtapes" containing the music obtained via the Kingdom Affiliates Record Pool, without first obtaining written consent from the copyright holder of the recordings involved.


Kingdom Affiliates Record Pool thrives off both artist and label participation, as well as participation of our Subscribers. You are strongly encouraged to rate the songs that you download (this may be done directly on the site, in the same location where you download the music). This is Christian music — You are expected to not "remix" songs using instrumentals or acapellas obtained from the Kingdom Affiliates Record Pool with secular music that may reflect negatively on the artist or label who owns the music. Please use your best judgement. Remember... you're a Christian first, a DJ second!