About Us

Kingdom Affiliates is one of the only existing record pools that services DJs, radio hosts, and youth leaders/pastors with Urban Gospel/Christian Hip Hop music. The pool exists to help introduce the music we service to music professionals so they can measure the audience response to the music provided to us. Our goal is to also work with artists and indie labels to help them push singles out as well.

We mainly specialize in Christian Hip Hop and urban gospel music in this record pool (not traditional or contemporary gospel). We only make available to our DJs what is made available to us by industry professionals. We are NOT a shopping list for personal music.


  1. Complete membership application here on the site.
  2. Upon confirmation, begin the monthly subscription provided in the acceptance email.
  3. Sign in to the site and PROFIT!


  1. You must not share music downloads with anyone at anytime.
  2. You are strongly encouraged to rate the songs you download (this is essential for artist feedback)
  3. You are responsible for cancelling your own subscription.


How often is music updated?
We do updates on the 5th and 19th of each month. If those days fall on a weekend or a holiday, the updates will be posted the following business day.

What type of music do you service?
Christian Hip Hop, Urban Gospel, R&P (Rhythm & Praise). We have some other formats from the past that you will find, but these are the main formats we service.

How much does a subscription cost?
We have a monthly subscription fee of $9.99. No more, no less.
NOTE: Current DJs, if you wish to take advantage of the new pricing, cancel your current subscription and sign back up HERE.

How can I cancel my subscription?
If you wish to cancel your membership, simply go to your PayPal account and cancel the subscription that you began.
NOTE: We do not arbitrarily take any funds out of your PayPal account!